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Trafficmaster's latest system goes live at Live

Date: 25 September 2007

Trafficmaster HQ

?Trafficmaster used BusinessCar Live to launch a new service called Fleet Director.

The system offers company car managers a telematics product that claims to save time and money as well as reducing a fleet's carbon footprint.

The new system mirrors a service already used in the US by the traffic monitoring and telematics firm.

"It gives a fleet manager complete control of a fleet on a daily basis," said Pat Gallagher, Trafficmaster's director of in-vehicle products. "It does everything a fleet manager needs to do."

Functions include the ability to download a navigation route including numbered jobs for a driver from an office PC straight to the vehicle while it's on the road, as well as locating every vehicle to see which is the nearest to a particular job, tracking drivers' routes and ensuring there is no unauthorised private use of vehicles. It can also produce either instant or daily duty of care reports on areas such as driver hours or speed, with parameters set by the individual company. "If a company wanted to set a parameter at 70mph for instance, the system can check if a driver has been doing 85mph all day.

"It takes control of health and safety and duty of care," said Gallagher, "but it's not big brother."

"Fleet Director will also offer fully integrated navigation, stolen vehicle tracking and live traffic information," said a Trafficmaster spokesman.

"This combination of intelligent driving technology has the power to reduce a fleet's fuel consumption and so carbon footprint, by up to 28% and reduce driving time by up to a third.

"Under the Teletrac brand in the USA, Fleet Director has reduced fleets' fuel consumption by 13% on average."