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BP plans big corporate offsetting push

Date: 06 March 2008   |   Author:

BP is plotting a surge into the corporate sector with its 2007 BusinessCar Award-winning Target Neutral carbon offsetting scheme following a successful 18 months since launch.

Since launch, 4500 individual drivers have signed up to the scheme, but BP is now looking for fleets to take a lead and look into the firm's not-for-profit scheme.

However, although more than 50 fleets have already expressed an interest, the oil giant said it is struggling to get final sign-off thanks to the structure of most companies.

"Interest in Target Neutral from the corporate market has been fantastic, but where you as an individual say for £20 can sign up, the corporate customer can't make a decision that quickly - it doesn't necessarily land in the right team," said BP's Kerryn Schrank.

"There has been a huge amount of interest from the corporate sector," added Schrank. "But corporations do take time to understand the merits of the scheme."

Schrank also defended the offsetting market against criticism that it is just a way of rich companies avoiding making an effort to cut emissions.

"Because of some of the negative press on offsetting, it's forced people to think about reductions, which is great, and where people should be spending time and money," she said. "But for businesses that rely on being on the road, offsetting done in a credible way will be part of any company's carbon management plan. The key for us is that we don't just want to flog offsets - it's about encouraging responsibility and encouraging people to take action, whatever that action might be."