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FLEET SALES: Focus and Astra dominate March despite dip

Date: 09 April 2008

Ford's Focus topped the May fleet registrations table

Ford has topped both the manufacturer and model registration lists for March, despite lower sales than this time last year.

Sales were down 1.2% for the Focus (pictured) and 3.8% for Ford overall.

Vauxhall saw only 0.3% fewer registrations, but this was not helped by Astra sales falling by 16.8%.

Vauxhall's overall stability was aided by continuing success for the Corsa and Zafira models. Registrations were up by 16.6% and 21.1% respectively.

Overall fleet sales were up 2.6% for March at 194,575 and 0.8% up for the year at 329,084.

Elsewhere in the list, Honda has plenty to celebrate, with an overall jump of 73.2%. This is due largely to 74.1% increase in Civic numbers, up from 2691 to 4684 this year.

Top 10 manufacturers - March
PositionManufacturer’08’07% change
4Peugeot11,72011,392 2.9
6Honda97595633 73.2
9Nissan86364634 86.4
10Mercedes77026270 22.8

Top 10 models - March
PositionModel’08’07% change
3Golf64156279 2.2
4Corsa61565280 16.6
6Zafira57024707 21.1
8Vectra53065072 4.6
9Civic46842691 74.1
1020742253302 28.0