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Government proposes new speeding points system

Date: 20 November 2008

Transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick is today expected to publish a consultation paper containing new proposals for speeding penalties, which include six points for being caught at more than 20mph over the limit.

The proposals are also expected to include a new lower minimum points level for going only fractionally over the speed limit.

According to national newspaper reports the six-point penalty will occur when caught at between 20 and 30mph over the prevailing speed limit, for example 50mph-60mph in a 30mph zone or 90-100mph in a 70mph dual carriageway or motorway.

Travelling at more than 30mph above the speed limit will continue to mean a driving ban and hefty fine.

More than a million drivers have six points or more on their licences and, under the new proposals, one further offence could see them banned.

The likelihood for fleet managers is not only a further increase in paperwork, but that licence checking will become even more important as drivers try to hide the fact that they have lost their licences through accumulating points.