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Nearly half of speeders take the points

Date: 19 September 2008   |   Author: Tom Webster

Speeding points change

Nearly half of drivers caught speeding and are offered an awareness course still take the £60 fine and three point penalty.

62,980 drivers caught speeding in the London Metropolitan area in 2007 were offered the option of attending the £95 course, but only 36,123 chose to do so.

The speed awareness courses were launched in 2003 in the Thames Valley area, and are now offered nationwide.

The Metropolitan Police would not reveal the criteria for offering a course, saying that releasing the information, "May enable individuals to draw conclusions about the likelihood of being caught on camera and lead to individuals making decisions about where and by what margin it is "safe" to speed."

A spokesman for DriveTech, who runs the courses for several police services, said changes to the system might mean take up will rise.

As of June this year, drivers can now attend a centre local to their home, rather than in the area in which they committed the offence.