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Speed cameras could disappear

Date: 17 July 2008   |   Author: Tom Webster

Speeding penalty changes

Swindon council may stop the use of all speed cameras in the town, which it describes as a "blatant tax on the motorist".

Councillors have said they do not receive any of the money raised in fines, but have to cover the £400,000 annual maintenance costs.

They want to put this money toward other road safety schemes, such as education, electronic road signs and road humps.

Councillor Peter Greenhalgh was quoted in national newspapers as saying: "These are far more effective than speed cameras which, I feel, are a blatant tax on the motorist."

Last year, the council generated £1.76m in fines from 30,000 drivers.

Greenhalgh added: "We pay about £400,000 a year to the partnership - money which goes straight into the Government's pockets. Enough is enough. The Government doesn't expect anyone to challenge them but our council has stood up to the challenge."