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Government fleet aims for 130g/km and under

Date: 07 September 2009   |   Author: Tom Webster

The Government fleet of company cars is aiming to get its average emissions below 130g/km by March 2010.

The fleet, run by the Government Car Dispatch Agency, currently has an average emissions rating of 135.8g/km, which is not helped by the inclusion of 10 Jaguar XJs and a Rover 75.

A spokesman for the GCDA confirmed it's aiming to lower emissions by recommending hybrid or "similar low emission cars" for staff based in towns, and diesels for those making regular long journeys.

While there appears to be no set restriction on what make of cars staff members can choose, Government ministers are limited to either a Jaguar XJ or a Toyota Prius.

The GCDA spokesman said: "Ministers needs vary and they choose the vehicle most suited to their requirements."

The spokesman also said the choice was limited to these two cars as "the choice of vehicles was established four years ago when the criteria for car choice was decided by the type of journey undertaken. The hybrid available to us then was the Prius."

The Government fleet currently has 86 ministerial cars, assigned to Government ministers and, in some cases, their staff. This includes the one Rover 75, two Mini Coopers, eight Vauxhall Vectras, 33 Toyota Prius and 26 Honda Civic Hybrids. It also contains 10 Jaguar XJs, which emit 214g/km, and two Jaguar X-types.

The GCDA was unable to disclose what each minister drives, but was able to confirm that transport secretary Lord Adonis has been assigned a Toyota Prius.