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New software firms targets the Excel generation for trip to the top

Date: 08 May 2009   |   Author:

Andy Leech

New fleet software brand Mycompanyfleet is targeting the 40,000 fleets still managing their system using Exel software as it seeks to match the biggest players in the industry within two years.

Headed by former CFC Software Solutions boss Andrew Leech, Mycompanyfleet is part of HR system provider NorthgateArinso which employs 7000 people and manages 40% of UK workers' payroll.

"There are 40,000 fleets with 10 or more cars that still use Excel, mainly because it's free and because of the ease of use," Leech told BusinessCar. "There's very little you can use off the shelf without classroom-based training and we believe there is an opportunity there for us."

"There are 10,000 SMEs with up to 400 employees, the 1000 customers we're targeting are pretty much all on excel at the moment," he said. "We're looking to go out and educate people and move them away from Excel, it doesn't give control or the audit trail for duty of care."

Another reason for fleets sticking with Excel is, according to Leech, that some fleet management systems have got too complicated. "It's difficult to know where to stop without being too complex, some of the others haven't and that's partly why excel is still popular," he said.

Leech also said that the recession gives a fleet manager the chance to be a "hero" among company executives. "The way we target customers is to tell them how much the car is costing them, people don't realise they can control this cost," he said. "They are starting to sit up and pay attention now - you can be a hero by saving 5% in operating cost in one area."

Mycompanyfleet has launched with two systems, Fleet HR, which is available off-the-shelf for installation or web-based and aimed at smaller fleets, or Fleet Acumen which is for larger fleets and has the capacity for personalisation according to fleet needs.

Leech claims the company's advantage lies in its problem reporting. "I believe the unique thing is how we manage our data analysis - every other one relies on running a report to see where the problems are," said Leech. "On ours, the first screen tells you where the problems are, things like an overdue licence check or missed service. Other systems can do that but they don't give you a view first thing in the morning of what's wrong."