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Sale enables Saab to plan for an 'electrification era'

Date: 08 October 2009

Hybrid and all-electric cars, as well as new models of the current line-up, will form part of Saab's future should the brand's purchase by Koenigsegg Group go-ahead, according to Saab managing director Jan Ake Jonsson.

Speaking about the future of the Swedish brand at last month's Frankfurt motor show, Jonsson said that once the firm's sale had been completed it would look at getting a series of new cars to the market.

"Saab has always been a small company in a big group. Now we're the dominant company. It gives us opportunities outside of GM," said Jonsson.

"The 9-3X is already on sale, and we're continuing to develop the new 9-5; it will be on sale in the spring. The 9-4X, new 9-3 and 9-5 are all on the schedule. Shame on us if we can't do that."

When quizzed about green vehicles, Jonsson said: "We will explore links with other companies.

"We've always been focussed on the environment, that's why we did four-cylinder turbo engines not V6s.

"We need hybrid and electric vehicles in future and they are part of the business plan. We will develop them with collaboration deals. It fits a trend in the industry. There is an electrification era coming."

Jonsson added Saab was working on a new 9-3 and is finalising the platform of the car.

"I see us as brand integrators - we can select what's best that's out there. It takes longer to develop a car from scratch, so we'll probably go for an existing platform and I don't see us not using a GM architecture," he said, hinting that the Vauxhall Insignia could form the basis for the next 9-3.