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CR-Z adopts stealth approach to win user-choosers

Date: 19 April 2010   |   Author:

Honda CRZ

Honda is hoping its new sports hybrid CR-Z will stealthily "establish hybrids in the psyche of company car drivers", according to the Japanese firm's fleet boss Graham Avent.

"The key message is the styling and performance, the secondary message is 'by the way, it's a hybrid'," Avent told BusinessCar. "People will pick it for the way is looks and the way it drives. The kind of people that are into the Mini will go for it - big user-chooser fleets like the finance industry that have a free choice but a focus on the footprint."

Avent said he hoped the coupe CR-Z would "legitimise hybrids among more discerning user choosers, people that have dismissed hybrids".

Honda is also hoping the CR-Z will appeal to fleets with a diesel-only policy, and that the stylish new model will give the brand an opportunity to also enter into conversations about its Insight hybrid.