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ICFM CONFERENCE 2010: 'Irresponsible' to give workers cars without ESC

Date: 26 July 2010

Roadsafe director Adrian Walsh told the ICFM conference that sending drivers out in cars not equipped with ESC anti-skid control is "irresponsible" as he claimed 85-90% of accidents involve a skid.

"The greatest safety invention since the seatbelt is ESC," he said. "If you allow drivers to drive cars without are behaving irresponsibly and your business is acting in an irresponsible way."

Walsh also railed against firms that allow drivers to use phones while driving, quoting a US study that found reaction distances at 70mph go from 31 metres normally to 35 metres at the maximum drink-drive limit and 39 metres on a hands-free phone. "If you allow drivers to use mobile phones, you are increasing the risk to your business," he said.