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Mileage firm TMC launches carbon reporting product

Date: 18 November 2010

Mileage and fuel cost management specialist TMC has launched a new carbon reporting tool, enabling fleets to calculate individual CO2 emissions for each car and driver.

The system will issue quarterly reports, enabling companies to benchmark emissions and target drivers to reduce their figures by either driving more efficiently, travelling fewer miles or choosing cleaner cars.

Carbon Reporting is free as part of TMC's Mileage Audit product, which captures drivers' business and private miles to report electronically on factors including costs, consumption, travel patterns, tax liabilities and emissions.

"Businesses are taking a much tougher line on fuel, mileage and emissions, they're no longer prepared to wait while drivers gradually move into slightly greener cars," said TMC boss Paul Jackson. "They are taking the initiative and setting carbon reduction targets or setting firm limits on annual mileage."

TMC claimed an annual 5% reduction in emissions for a 500-car fleet could lead to a £1m saving in fuel over five years, and cut emissions by and cut emissions by 1800 tonnes. It also said the average CO2 of new fleet cars registered since 2005 has dropped by 2.7% per year, while fuel costs have risen by an inflation-adjusted 2.9%, which means drivers moving into cleaner cars is not on its own addressing fuel bills.

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