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Surrey - capital of pothole land

Date: 30 March 2010

Surrey has been named as pothole capital of the UK according to a Kia survey.

The county is most blighted by damaged road surfaces with around 1998 potholes afflicting its 450,000 motorists.

According to Kia dealers, cases of vehicles with pothole damage have soared in recent months, with dealers in the worst-affected areas reporting a 150% increase in related repairs. Suspension failure, damaged alloys and split tyres are the most widespread incidents, with the average repair bill costing £750.

According to statistics, £8.5 billion is required to bring the country's roads up to scratch, with local authorities claiming a lack of funding has created a 13-year backlog in road maintenance programmes.

Kia said: "Potholes are often unavoidable, but there are ways to avoid considerable repair costs. Slowing down as much as possible and taking your foot off the brake before impact can help reduce damage, while holding the steering wheel firmly will help maintain control."