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Volvo sets the pace as executive models now get below 120g/km

Date: 02 February 2010   |   Author: Hugh Hunston

Volvo is claiming pioneering sub-120g/km figures for Driv-e versions of its S80 saloon and V70 estate car, which the soon-to-be Chinese-controlled brand touts as the world's first large premium executive cars at below the crucial CO2 threshold.

Deliveries of the 119g/km, 1.6-litre, 109PS turbo diesel-powered duo will start in early April and company sources believe that prices will either be pegged or involve a "marginal" price rise compared to the current 129g/km models.

Apart from trimming 10 grammes off the CO2 measurement, the detailed technological changes have raised average fuel economy by just over 5mpg to 62.8mpg, providing a nominal 1100-mile range for both cars.

With reduced BIK figures Volvo calculates that the lower emission outputs translate into the individual models producing 150kg less CO2 a year over the cars they replace while consuming 60-litres per annum less fuel.

The S80 and V70 Driv-e variants continue to be available in four specification levels with current prices starting at £22,245 and £23,245 for the respective V70 SE and S80 SE.

By comparison Audi's 2.0-litre 136PS A6 TDIe has a CO2 rating of 139g/km and a 53.3mpg fuel figure, while the new184PS 2.0-litre BMW 520d is at 132g/km and 56.5mpg.

Volvo has achieved the improvements by "intelligent" battery recharging which only allows the alternator to charge the battery when the engine operates at low load. A reduced friction alternator and air conditioning compressor is also fitted.

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