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Deflation increasing CO2 by 600,000 tonnes per year

Date: 16 November 2011

Under-inflated tyres are costing UK motorists £337 million a year in wasted fuel, which is the equivalent of pumping an extra 600,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, according to Michelin research.

A "shocking" 39% of motorists drive on dangerous or very dangerously under-inflated tyres, and another 5% of cars were found to have punctured tyres, which has health and safety repercussion for fleets.

According to Michelin's data, under-inflation uses 244 million extra litres of fuel a year while also extending braking distances, stressing components, shortening tyre life and compromising road holding.

Phil Baldock, Michelin's head of communications, said applying the right air pressures helped the environment, improved safety and "is beneficial for bank balances".

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