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GM: Chevrolet brand still has work to do in Europe

Date: 20 October 2011   |   Author:

Vauxhall's European marketing boss Alain Visser feels sister brand Chevrolet still has a way to go before it is established as a European brand.

"Do Europeans understand what it is yet? No," said Visser. "I don't mean that negatively but the brand is only five years old and one of the marketing challenges is to build awareness and what the products are."

He said Chevrolet will move up from its value brand positioning as the product improves, though that won't necessarily be a threat to sister brand Vauxhall. "It doesn't mean there will be an overlap, Orlando and Zafira is an example of how to create two different cars on the same platform," said Visser. "We will position Chevrolet as a real American brand and Vauxhall as a British brand."

As Chevrolet develops, European production is increasingly likely, according to GM Europe boss Nick Reilly, joining existing facilities in Korea, America and Thailand.

"As Chevrolet grows, and it's growing very fast, we have a very long chain from Asia or the US, it's difficult to provide the customer service expected - they have to wait a long time - and there's a lot of inventory at sea."

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