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Government advocates home charging for EVs

Date: 06 July 2011

Most charging of electric vehicles should take place at home rather than at public charging points, the Government has said.

In Making the Connection: the Plug-In Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy, Transport secretary Philip Hammond has set out the Department for Transport's policy for an electric vehicle recharging infrastructure.

The publication outlines a £400m programme to support ultra-low emissions vehicles. It encourages the majority of recharging to take place at home during the night after the peak period in electricity demand. Workplace charging for commuters and fleets would support home charging together with a limited amount of public infrastructure.

Hammond said: "The ability to recharge is a key part of the jigsaw in supporting the growth of the electric vehicle market. It is crucial we make the process as simple as possible.

"Public chargepoints are part of the answer but putting a chargepoint on every corner is not the right approach. It is most convenient for drivers and best for the energy system for the majority of charging to happen at home. Electric cars mean getting out of the habit of needing to travel to a petrol station and into the habit of refueling when a vehicle is not being used."

Hammond also announced that the Renault Fluence has become the 10th vehicle eligible for the Government's £5000 Plug-In Car Grant.

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