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Honda tops reliability league

Date: 27 June 2011

Japanese and Korean car brands have once again demonstrated their reliability in a survey conducted by warranty specialist MB&G.

Honda came out on top in a list of manufacturers that generated the fewest warranty claims over the last year, ahead of Lexus and Mitsubishi.

The top ten consisted of eight Japanese brands and two Korean carmakers, Kia and Hyundai, which came in at six and seven respectively.

Reliability is moving up the agenda for fleets as they increasingly extend their vehicles service lives beyond three years.

"Modern day cars are reliable but if something goes wrong it's more likely to be in the fourth or fifth years, or when the mileage reaches 70-100,000 miles," said Kevin Pearce, a director of MB&G.

Pearce added that many components are now replaced rather than repaired, which can push up claims values. He pointed out that the survey looked only at the frequency of claims and not the value, which could vary from brand to brand.

Pearce said the average age and mileage of cars handled by MB&G was increasing but that the corporate sector was resisting extending warranties beyond those provided by manufacturers.

"The sector which is still to manage the risks associated with older cars is the corporate sector," he said. "Many company cars are being kept for a fourth or fifth year and any component failures are funded through their annual maintenance Budget. By covering higher mileage, older cars with a warranty, fleets could manage their risk more efficiently and budget a finite cost."

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