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Techies 2011 - Best Green Development - Suppliers: Bosch Auto Stop-Start

Date: 23 August 2011

Bosch is the supplier of many auto stop-start systems, one of the biggest innovations in cutting emissions in vehicles in recent years. Such a big contribution to this competitive area certainly means it deserves the prize for Best Green Development - Suppliers. The systems, fitted to standard engines, automatically cuts the power when a car is at a standstill, after a check of the battery charge.

Bosch has already supplied over 1.5m start/stop motors since the end of 2007, with the most recent development having been the introduction of these to automatics. The technology is already being fitted to the VW Passat and Porsche Panamera.

In vehicles with auto transmission, the function is particularly easy to use - the driver steps on the brake pedal and as soon as the vehicle stops, the engine cuts out, and starts again when the brake is released.

Bosch predicts that by 2015, more than 30m vehicles in Europe will be equipped with the systems and will in turn majorly help CO2 emission reductions and mpg savings. Other benefits include noise reduction while vehicles are stationary.

TMC Carbon Reporting is Highly Commended. It calculates driver CO2 emissions and sends them a quarterly report, allowing employers to set up formal CO2 reduction schemes based on annual targets. Its first customer cut fleet CO2 by 8.9% in the opening year, and now uses Carbon Reporting to target drivers to save 5% a year.