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Techies 2011 - Best Servicing, Maintenance and Repair System: IFS Downtime Management

Date: 23 August 2011

The winning technology for keeping cars on the road goes to Inchcape Fleet Solution's system, Downtime Management. As awardee of Best Service, Maintenance and Repair System, the software aims to combat the costly business issues of keeping vehicles on the road for longer, while avoiding unnecessary repair and maintenance.

The system is split into two areas: mechanical and accidents. On the mechanical front, each initial vehicle repair booking is flagged and monitored in order to track its progress and proactively ensures any trends of unnecessary repairs are immediately corrected. During the repair process, supplier performance is constantly monitored against expected completion dates, to make sure KPIs are achieve. Drivers are also updated via text message.

For accidents, the system not only covers vehicle repairs, but also any short-term vehicle provision, ensuring unnecessary hire costs aren't incurred. All collisions are managed within an accident management module, providing a process flow and clear audit trail, while a network of preferred repairers use imaging technology to provide Inchcape's controllers with detailed repair overviews for authorisation. The image assessment of the repair is carried out on the day the estimate and images are received. A mobile estimating facility is also available.

A 'Call back' diary system is used to log key events and update all involved in the process - driver, repairer, manufacturer, fleet manager and IFS.