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BMW to run Euro-6 ready cars on Olympic fleet

Date: 27 April 2012   |   Author: Jack Carfrae

BMW has revealed its first Olympic vehicles.

BMW will make use of its first passenger cars that qualify for the Euro6 emissions regulations during the Olympic Games this summer.

The German firm, which is a major sponsor of the event, is to run its 520d and 320d Efficient Dynamics models along with the 5-series Active Hybrid as part of its Olympic fleet, all of which will be clean enough to duck under the next set of European emissions regulations that come into force in September 2014.

Speaking to BusinessCar, corporate operations manager Steve Chater said: "We'll be launching three new models for the Olympic fleet, one of which is the 5-series Active Hybrid, and also the 520d and 320d Efficient Dynamics models - those models will be Euro6 emissions-compliant.

"We'll be providing those vehicles for the games to ensure that they not only meet restrictions on CO2 but also the wider restrictions on NOx emissions as well."

In addition to the three models scheduled for use as part of the Olympic fleet, the company now has an Euro6-ready 1-series, which utilises what BMW refers to as Blue Performance technology to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions sufficiently to qualify for the 2014 regulations.

The company also claims to have beaten its target of a 12og/km average fleet emission target for the games. Chater said: "That 120g/km target - BMW will actually exceed that and improve on it.

"Even when you take into account the bigger vehicles that will be provided that don't sit within LOCOG's [the London 2012 Organising Committee] target, we'll even beat it with them. That was one of the challenges that when LOCOG's were going out to find a partner that we could meet those emissions targets but also really show the focus on sustainability."

The firm announced that average emissions and fuel economy for the Olympic fleet will average 116g/km and 64.5mpg, well below LOCOG's target.

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