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GE Capital: Firms forcing drivers to take greater care of cars

Date: 21 November 2012   |   Author: Jack Carfrae

Drivers are becoming more responsible for the condition of their vehicles as fleet operators aim to slash end-of-contract damage charges.

The move, among fleet operators and bosses, has been brought to light by GE Capital, which claims it has observed its customers implementing stricter driver policies and amending existing measures to cut down on charges and boost residual values.

Gary Killeen, fleet services commercial leader at GE Capital, said: "The story of 2012 in fleet has been about how a large number of businesses are revisiting some of the basic areas of their company car and van schemes to see whether there is potential for greater control to be achieved. This is set to continue as we look toward 2013.

"Addressing how drivers maintain vehicle condition is just one of the ways in which cost can be controlled. Historically, many fleets have been fairly relaxed about drivers almost ignoring vehicle condition but this is something that is changing.

"There is a growing feeling that drivers treating a car or van in a shoddy fashion purely because it is a company vehicle will no longer be tolerated.

"What we are seeing is a tightening up of driver policy in this area and an increased willingness to recharge drivers for some or all of the amounts that their carelessness is costing the employer."

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