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Kwik-Fit warns grey fleets of out-of-date tyres

Date: 18 June 2013   |   Author: Jack Carfrae

Tyre specialist Kwik-Fit has warned that out-of-date tyres could be putting vehicles at risk. The issue is of greater concern to those operating grey fleets, as the company claims that over 10 million vehicles on UK roads could be fitted with rubber that is past its best and potentially dangerous.

Its research also revealed that only 17% of drivers knew how to identify when a vehicle's tyres had been manufactured and that London and the East Midlands were the worst affected areas for cars fitted with tyres over five years old.

Kwik-Fit's communications director, Roger Griggs, said: "Tyres contain anti-oxidising chemicals to slow down the rate of ageing, but the tyres need to be in use for these to be effective.

"In other words, infrequent use or poor storage can accelerate the ageing process and make tyres unroadworthy.

"Low-mileage, older cars tend to be most at risk from premature ageing as their owners assume there is no problem if they can still see plenty of tread.

"We would recommend drivers consider changing a tyre that's more than five years old, even if it's not down to the legal tread limit."