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TomTom: Belfast is UK's most congested city

Date: 17 April 2013   |   Author: Rachel Burgess

Belfast is the most congested city in Britain, according to a new report from TomTom.

While many would expect London to rank top, Bristol comes next, before the capital in third place.

The index, which uses TomTom in-car devices and Vodafone data, looks at travel times during peak hours compared with non-congested periods, and calculates the difference as a percentage increase in journey times.

Belfast tops the index at 32%, followed by Bristol at 31% and London at 28%.

The remaining top ten is Leeds-Bradford (26%), Nottingham (24%), Manchester (24%), Sheffield (23%), Birmingham (21%), Liverpool (21%), Newcastle (21%) and Glasgow (18%).

However, the most congested city in the world, Moscow, has much bigger problems with an index score of 66%.

This means, journey times in Moscow, on average, are 66% longer during non-congested periods when traffic is flowing freely, and 106% longer during morning rush hour. Istanbul and Warsaw come in second and third place with 55% and 42% respectively.

"TomTom's Annual Congestion Index provides accurate insight into the world's most congested cities," said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, head of traffic at TomTom.

"This detailed knowledge of the entire road network helps businesses and governments to make more informed decisions about how best to tackle, and avoid congestion."