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Website revamp designed to take Lex to new level

Date: 27 November 2013   |   Author: Jack Carfrae

Lex Autolease is to launch a new customer-facing website in summer 2014.

The UK's biggest leasing company is completely overhauling its existing site and "taking it to a level that people might expect from retail banking or a price comparison site".

Speaking to BusinessCar, Christian Hook, e-commerce manager at Lex, said: "We've realised there's a massive difference in terms of the requirements and information needed, so we're creating a brand new driver website.

"It's a new portal for drivers that uses adaptive and responsive design. We're trying to provide an app-like experience but one that's not limited by brand or platform."

He said the new site would be available across all formats, regardless of what device or system a user might have: "In terms of accessibility, it will be available on smartphone, tablet and desktop, but it's not bound by any platform types.

"What we want to avoid is 'is it on Android, is it on iPhone?'. It will be available to everyone."

Functions on the new website will include the ability to view detailed vehicle cost analysis and to compare vehicles based on certain criteria. 

Hook continued: "We're really going to increase visibility for drivers to understand the ramifications of those choices. People might see two cars with 37mpg and 42mpg and think 'that's not  a lot' and they might think the same about 112g/km and 108g/km.

"But weigh that up over three years and 60,000 miles on a monthly cost basis and it can be quite a bit. It's building up that amalgamated picture. Some people will think 'that's okay, it fits my budget, it's fine', but they don't always think about these other factors.

"If you've got a basket of vehicles you like the look of, you'll be able to create a bar chart to see how they compare. You can also select your own existing company car and use that as a benchmark to find something similar that meets your requirements."

Hook said the firm was making concessions for fleets and drivers who don't necessarily know what kinds of vehicles they want.

"Different drivers have different levels of knowledge and people have different policies with very different requirements, so we looked at the spectrum of what people know and want.

"There are several key sets of personas: if a driver doesn't know what they want; if someone wants a green choice then we can use that as a starting point; if someone doesn't want to pay any trade-up then they can use that as a start point; if you want to limit your tax exposure you can have that as a start point."

Conversely, Lex will also cater for the enthusiast community with access to What Car? reviews and similar features.