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Toyota reveals smart tech to cut road accidents

Date: 26 November 2014   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Toyota has revealed new technology with the intention of cutting road accidents that will feature in production vehicles from 2015 onwards.
The Japanese car maker has developed vehicle infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communications using a wireless frequency reserved for integrated traffic system services.
Toyota said sensors above the road will detect oncoming traffic or pedestrians crossing the road and send the information to the car to warn the driver.
Vehicles approaching junctions can signal their presence by using the vehicle-to-vehicle, which Toyota says will trigger audio and visual warnings when needed in order to avoid an accident.
The Japanese car maker has also developed a cruise control system that uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication allowing vehicles to stay safe distances apart by using forward-facing millimeter-wave radar to analyze the relative speed and acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle in front.
Toyota said it has developed the systems in conjunction with Government bodies, agencies and private companies with the aim of launching them as soon as possible.