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Autoglass trials smart windscreen replacement service

Date: 05 October 2015   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Windscreen specialist Autoglass are trialing a service to replace windscreens equipped with Advance Driver Systems  and recalibrate the high-tech safety kit.

The trial means that owners will no longer need to go to a dealership to get the ADAS technology recalibrated after they've had their windscreen  replaced.

ADAS monitors vehicle surroundings and improves road safety through multifunction cameras which are mounted beneath the windscreen.

According to Autoglass, some vehicle manufacturers state that the cameras need to be recalibrated to function properly, however, according to research from the windscreen fitters, two in three car drivers (67%) admitted they didn't realise that the cameras which control the safety features are installed on or near the windscreen.

"At Autoglass we have a dedicated team and invest over £2m annually on research and development to ensure we're providing the complete service to our customers and future-proofing our business. ADAS calibration is just one example of return on this continual investment - but it certainly won't be the last," said Dr Chris Davis, head of technical superiority at Autoglass.

"Cars are rapidly becoming increasingly connected and complex and a lot of the new technology we enjoy in our cars such as lane keep assist or automated emergency braking, is reliant on the windscreen."

He added: "However, over the next 20 years the windscreen could become a driver's dashboard with augmented reality GPS and more - the possibilities are endless. As vehicle glass becomes more complex, repair and replacement also becomes more technically challenging and we, as the world's leading vehicle repair and replacement specialist, must evolve and upskill to drive industry standards and better meet customer needs."