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Corsa fill-up breaks £50 barrier

Date: 19 June 2015   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Fuel prices have been steadily increasing over the past three months, with diesel rising by 3.2% to 121.3p a litre and petrol up 5.6% to 116.3p a litre in that period. This equates to a 3.8p a litre rise for diesel and 6.2p a litre increase for petrol between March and May.

Fleets have been tracking the low prices this year and some have been putting in place plans to deal with
the rise.

Chevin Fleet Solutions MD Ashley Sowerby said: "Among the fleets with which we work, we see a wide range of different results when it comes to fuel management. This is a cost area where some fleets have strong and definite policies, while others have a much more laissez-faire attitude and believe the issue cannot really be successfully managed.

"Our experience is that the latter is wrong. Diesel and petrol spending is something that very much responds to determined managerial action."

The outcome of the election has helped to buffer part of the recent increases. Currency markets reacted well to the majority result, adding five cents to the value of the pound against the dollar. Fuel is traded in American dollars.

The rise means the cost to brim a 60-litre tank from empty in a 2.0-litre diesel Ford Mondeo is now firmly above £70 at £72.80, up from £70.50 in early March. A 1.0-litre petrol Vauxhall Corsa with a 45-litre tank now costs £52.32, up from £49.53.