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DCML and In-Car Cleverness launch fleet management tool

Date: 28 October 2015   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

App company DCML has partnered with telematics provider In-Car Cleverness to create a fleet management tool that incorporates telematics.

Known as DCM Connected, the software also includes features such as driver behavioural profiling and accident reconstruction software - where it takes a snapshot of an accident before, during and after impacts - which the company claimed almost eliminates liability disputes.

The software's alerts system will also flag any servicing or maintenance issues, any charges and Benefit In Kind costs incurred by the vehicle.

"Having visibility of how your cars are being driven - by customers and staff - allows you to pre-empt any potential mechanical issues requiring repair or maintenance to your cars. It also gives you the insight to refuse certain customers certain vehicles if you know that they have mistreated your cars in the past," said DCML managing director Vince Powell.