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Diesel costs rise as petrol prices drop in October, claims AA

Date: 02 November 2015   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

The price of diesel has started to increase, while petrol prices have fallen, data from the latest AA fuel report has revealed.

According to the monthly report, the price of diesel has increased from an average of 110.4p/litre in mid-September to 110.9p/litre now, while the price of petrol over the same period has dropped from 111.1p/litre to 109.2p/litre.

The AA said that the price of oil has risen by $5 a barrel in October, which threatened to add 2p/litre to pump prices, however strong competition between supermarkets have helped to keep prices low.

"This month's $5-a-barrel surge in the price of oil was a reminder and a worrying sign of just how quickly the fuel price market can turn," said AA president Edmund King.

"Fortunately, it was short-term and the pound strengthened enough to take out most of the sting. However, the spectre of commodity oil and fuel market players keen to drive up prices looms over UK drivers once again," King added.