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Quarter of company car drivers support driverless cars, says Lex

Date: 25 August 2015   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

A quarter of company car drivers would support the introduction of driverless cars, Lex Autolease has claimed.

The BC50 leader surveyed 1000 company car drivers as part of its Annual Report on Company Motoring survey. It also revealed that almost two in five drivers (38%) would be in support of cars taking over from the driver in designated motorway lanes.

Research also showed that 85% of drivers support the introduction of warning systems that detect when drivers lose attention, while three-quarters said that the introduction of automatic braking systems onto cars is a good thing.

"The research shows that drivers are coming round to the idea of driverless cars although they are still in their infancy," said Tim Porter, managing director of Lex Autolease. "It is therefore realistic to expect awareness of this innovation to increase, especially when systems are proved safe and the legislation is changed to accommodate this technological advancement."