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Smartphone and portable sat-navs blamed for battery failures

Date: 20 February 2015   |   Author:

Research from Kwik-Fit has blamed drivers charging their smartphones and using portable sat-navs for an increase it has seen in battery failures this winter.

According to Kwik-Fit's research, three in five (62%) of UK drivers are charging a device from their vehicle.

 Kwik Fit warns that as temperatures remain low battery issues will continue to be a common cause for break downs and starting issues through to the end of winter.

Kwik-Fit says using a vehicle to charge devices drains power from the battery and leaves vehicles short on the additional power needed to get started during the colder months.

This is exacerbated by the findings that over half (52%) of UK drivers do not get their car batteries checked during winter and more than one in three UK drivers (36%) incorrectly believes that their battery's health is checked during their car's MoT.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: "Many motorists don't realise the effect devices plugged into their cars can have on a battery.

"Satnavs, tablets and other gadgets that are designed to make our lives more comfortable can actually have the opposite effect, by cutting short the life of even a new battery and leaving us stuck with a car that won't start."

Top devices charged in-car:


Electronic device



Sat Nav






Mobile phone



iPod or other music device





Source: Kwik Fit