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All-in-one telematics system to cut claims costs by 50%

Date: 18 July 2016   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Intelligent Telematics has teamed up with Sopp+Sopp and Collision Management Systems to launch an integrated 3G camera and claims handling service.

The companies said the new camera would minimise fraud, third-party overheads and liability disputes and reduce claims costs by 50%.

According to Intelligent Telematics, the camera will transmit video and data about a collision within seconds of an accident occurring, with Sopp+Sopp monitoring these alerts to provide driver support and manage claims.

The camera is also fitted with a false alert filtering system from Collision Management Systems which analyses "highly granular accelerometer data" to determine whether the event is a false alert or real crash, meaning that non-events, such as driving over potholes and speed bumps are kept to a minimum.

"Advanced 3G vehicle cameras offer distinct advantages over traditional SD card cameras, which do not allow footage to be remotely viewed and are at risk of tampering or data corruption," said Sam Footer, head of international business and strategic development at Intelligent Telematics. "And now combined with Sopp+Sopp's 24/7/365 claims handling, these devices make it possible to take complete control of insurance costs through immediate visibility of any road collision."