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Car thefts increase 25% in winter months

Date: 01 November 2016   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Instances of car theft increase by a quarter during the winter, Tracker has warned.

According to the stolen vehicle recovery company, dark winter nights are ideal for criminals as the chances of being caught in the act are reduced.

The company added that a spike of robberies tends to occur in January thanks to the month typically experiencing frosty mornings when motorists may leave vehicles unattended for a few minutes while the car de-ices itself.

Tracker is also advising motorists to park in busy and well-lit car parks near CCTV cameras where possible to reduce the chances of vehicles being stolen.

"Drivers should never leave their cars vulnerable, especially when thieves are looking to exploit the change in weather. There are plenty of precautions motorists can take to minimise the risk, and save from the heartache and expense if their car is stolen. While a tracking unit may not prevent vehicles from being stolen, they greatly increase the chances of recovery," said Andy Barrs, head of police liaison at Tracker.