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KeeResources to use real-world data from Emissions Analytics

Date: 10 May 2016   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Leading whole-life costs data expert KeeResources has appointed Emissions Analytics to supply it with real-world consumption and emissions data.

KeeResources - BusinessCar's data provider - said the information will enable users to make better informed purchasing decisions.

Speaking to BusinessCar, Denis Keenan, chief executive of KeeResources confirmed the data feed is a cost option with prices varying on usage.

Keenan is expecting a 100% take-up based on recent feedback from customers, and said the deal also includes use on manufacturer comparison websites, while he added he expected most manufacturers to publish the information in some form or another on public-facing websites within the next year in an attempt to restore public confidence in the industry following the 'dieselgate' emissions scandal.

The boss of KeeResources added that the real-world data would sit next to official figures from manufacturers in its programmes such as Kwik Car Cost.

Keenan also confirmed to BusinessCar that the real-world figures can be used to calculate whole-life cost data: "It [Kwik CarCost] will show both streams",

Keenan said that the firm "had been looking for a real-world testing partner for two or three years" and that the new deal "will give a clarity that fleet managers will appreciate" thanks to the independent data.

Emissions Analytics currently provides on-road emissions measurements, including CO, CO2, NO and particulate figures and real-world mpg information to around 50% of manufacturers selling in the UK, tyre companies, vehicle accessory firms and fuel retailers.

Emissions Analytics has tested around 75% of the most popular fleet vehicles currently on the market, according to Keenan with the remaining 25% scheduled to be tested within the next month.

Emissions Analytics data also powers the independent EQUA Air Quality Index which rates how car emissions affect air quality, with the table identifying the vehicles emitting the lowest amount of NOx on a scale from A (best) to H (worst).

So far, 460 vehicles have been subjected to the EQUA test.

"We are delighted to establish this partnership with KeeResources to bring our real-world fuel economy and emissions data to a wider audience, especially for vehicle fleets," Nick Molden, founder and CEO of Emissions Analytics said.  "The recent launch of the EQUA Air Quality Index shows the power of on-road testing and the relevance to vehicle purchasing."

Users of KeeResources products will need to 'opt-in' by contacting the company through its website or by phone to receive the data, Keenan stated to BusinessCar.