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Masternaut adds vehicle maintenance alerts to telematics offering

Date: 04 May 2016   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Telematics firm Masternaut has added a maintenance module to its vehicle tracking offering, which provides fleet managers with information about vehicle condition.

The tool highlights the percentage of vehicles within the fleet that are fully operational, the number of vehicles that need a service and the number of vehicles with faults.

Masternaut claims the module will help fleet managers to reduce vehicle downtime and improve vehicle life, while also helping to keep employees and vehicles safe, with the system keeping a complete record of service and fault history for each vehicle.

Information provided to fleet managers using the system includes the mileage and/or the number of days before a service is required, vehicle safety faults including ABS failures, brake issues and ESP problems, engine status alerts, high water temperature warnings and low engine oil pressure signals.

"Masternaut Maintenance has been launched with our customers and partners in mind, and provides a deeper level of diagnostic solutions than available on the market today, which only identify engine and transmission related failures," said Steve Towe, chief commercial officer and UK managing director of Masternaut. "We wanted to offer a maintenance tool kit that gives an immediate overview of fleet compliance, with quick access to information and something that can help them save time and money through efficiency gains."

'This will help fleet managers become more proactive when it comes to fleet maintenance operations, offering improved planning and vehicle turnaround time," he added.

A spokesman for Masternaut told BusinessCar that the cost of the module varies on a customer-to-customer basis depending on how big the fleet is.