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Plethora of fleet safety systems in marketplace causing confusion for managers

Date: 30 September 2016   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Fleet managers are being bombarded with too many messages about how to make their drivers safer and it is causing confusion in the marketplace, a telematics company has claimed.
According to Greenroad Technologies, the range of fleet safety solutions is causing bewilderment for managers, and could be causing them to not find products that suit their needs.
"There are so many different solutions many of which, at first sight, do the same thing which makes it very difficult for operators to identify the right product to meet their requirements," said Chris Horbowyj of Greenroad Technologies. "If it's driver safety then it is important to remember that the root cause of up to 90% of traffic accidents is poor decision-making by drivers. You can buy all the mirrors, cameras, monitors and tracking systems you like, but you won't maximise your chances of success until you address driver behaviour."
He advised fleet managers to asses how units can track in real-time and also engage drivers in a positive way in order to help them improve.
"Ingraining good driving habits on a daily basis leads to long-term, sustainable, positive change across a fleet. Empowering all drivers to take charge of their own improvement leads to positive engagement," he added. "Better driving leads to safer journeys, lower accident-related costs, lower insurance premiums, less wear and tear on vehicles and reduced fuel costs - which results in considerable savings."