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RAC Telematics introduces 'invisibility mode' for private journeys

Date: 13 January 2016   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

RAC Telematics has launched a Bluetooth-enabled key fob, giving company car drivers the ability to turn off telematics analytics when they are not making business-related journeys.

Known as RAC MyDrive, the device works in conjunction with the breakdown provider's telematics arm. It also doesn't need any hard wiring, as it connects to the telematics 'black box' over Bluetooth.

RAC said that the fob recognises individual drivers, even if they switch between cars, meaning that drivers who use more than vehicle are able to record which journeys are for business purposes and which journeys are private.

According to RAC, concerns over staff privacy are preventing some companies from introducing telematics. A survey of 500 companies which run business vehicles found that 40% of the businesses said their staff are worried about their privacy when tracking devices are used, and one in five businesses did not install a telematics system because of these concerns.

Meanwhile, over half of the companies questioned (52%) which use telematics systems said their employees do not have the option to switch off the devices.

"We know from our research that it can be a challenge for businesses to install telematics to their fleets because of the concerns from staff drivers, especially if the vehicle they drive serves a dual purpose for work and personal journeys," said Nick Walker, MD of RAC Telematics. "RAC MyDrive directly addresses those concerns and should provide individual drivers with the reassurance they seek that non-work related journeys will remain off the radar."

"It also enables employers to fulfill their Duty of Care obligations much more effectively as they will know exactly where their staff are during business hours," Walker continued. "The other key benefit is for businesses which run vehicles that have multiple drivers, such as pool cars, as the device will link to the individual driver so the fleet manager knows exactly who is driving which vehicle," he added.