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Fleetcheck advises communication about winter weather

Date: 31 January 2019   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Communications technology means there is no excuse for employers not to provide company car drivers with detailed guidance about travelling in wintry conditions.

That's according to fleet software company Fleetcheck. Peter Golding, managing director, said that fleets had a moral - and potentially a legal - responsibility to ensure employees were informed about employer expectations and advice.

He said: "Fleets should have real time communication channels in place that enable them to contact drivers in situations just such as this - whether they use a specialist app, social media like Whatsapp, or even just good old-fashioned email.

"The fact is that the risk of accident or other dangerous incidents is much increased in wintry weather and now is the right time to use those methods of reaching drivers to keep them fully informed.

"There is no excuse not to do otherwise." 

Golding said that advisory communications should cover two areas: whether journeys were necessary; and practical driving advice. 

"In our opinion, too much leeway is generally given to drivers about whether to undertake a journey in difficult conditions," he said. 

"Fleets should provide concrete guidance such as only undertaking essential journeys if heavy snow is forecast. This could very well be seen as part of your duty of care. 

"The other area is to provide hints and tips on motoring in snow and ice, from ensuring that you are carrying a warm coat and a well-charged mobile phone through to basic instructions on how to drive during a skid. 

"All of these can be provided through the kinds of communication channels that are available to fleets and, if they are delivered at the right time, could help your drivers to avoid accident or injury."