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New data dashboards launched by Fleet Service GB

Date: 05 March 2019   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Two new intelligent integrated online dashboards for fleet managers have been launched by Fleet Service GB.

The dashboards deliver real-time critical headline data on vehicles and drivers, and have been designed to allow managers to drill down into the minutiae of operations.

The fleet management and driver management dashboards sit alongside previously launched maintenance management and crash management portals.

Fleet Service GB says the dashboards, launched under its Achieve brand, are designed to deliver critical information across all key operations in easy to understand numerical and graphic formats, while simultaneously highlighting action areas. 

The firm says drilling into the data beneath each dashboard's single-screen headline summary enables fleet decision-makers to manipulate the data and compile customised reports, as well as view consolidated information on any single vehicle and driver, or group of vehicles and drivers. 

Areas covered by the fleet management dashboard include vehicle acquisition and disposal, VED, servicing and MOT information, and motoring-related fines incurred by drivers. 

The driver management dashboard identifies which employees have authority to drive, driver-influenced vehicle costs, and a company's best and worst drivers using a number of key intelligent parameters, including points on driving licences, and number and type of crashes. 

Fleet Service GB head of sales Marcus Bray said: "Through intelligent integrated solutions, fleet decision-makers are able to access ever single aspect of data on their fleet and drivers via a straightforward online dashboard to drive down operating costs and ensure maximum compliance. 

"Previously all information was available by reports, but Fleet Service GB's dashboards have transformed data access to provide customers with an unprecedented view of all key information in simple formats. 

"Furthermore, many fleets have key vehicle and driver information recorded in separate silos. The Achieve dashboards integrate all information to give complete 360-degree visibility across all operational and performance areas relating to both vehicles and drivers, giving one version of the truth."