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Webfleet Solutions launches improved telematics for EVs

Date: 23 July 2020   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Telematics firm Webfleet Solutions has introduced new features designed to give fleet managers remote insights into their electric and hybrid vehicles.

The new EV management tools, part of Webfleet version 3.10, allow managers to view the battery level of EVs, their remaining driving range, their charging status, and what the remaining charge time is.

Webfleet UK and Ireland sales director Beverley Wise said: "With the EV management tools, we are helping our customers to adapt to EV operations and maximising their cost-saving potentials.

"By knowing exactly how much charge a vehicle has and how far it needs to travel, fleet managers can avoid higher charging costs during peak time or waiting in line for charging."

According to Wise, Webfleet will be developing its EV management tools further during the year.

She said: "Our goal is to use our vast experience and proven expertise in telematics to help fleets get the most benefit out of the needed transformation."

Other enhanced features with the updated Webfleet include a new road type usage report, helping fleets to decide the best tyre type for different vehicles.