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Road safety must still be a top business priority, Licence Bureau warns

Date: 25 June 2020   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Road safety and legal compliance need to remain top business priorities as firms get used to increased home working.

That's according to licence checking firm Licence Bureau, which says that businesses must stay on top of the laws surrounding driving for work, amid concerns drivers are becoming deconditioned to daily driving.

Licence Bureau says that this drop in regular driving, combined with reduced traffic volumes, reports of higher average speeds on UK roads and cash pressures on businesses, is creating a 'perfect storm' that demands special attention.

Licence Bureau sales director Steve Pinchen said: "There is so much at play right now, but businesses really must ensure they do not drop the ball when it comes to legal compliance.

"Business driver road safety and duty of care, arguably more so now than ever, need to be at the top of the priority list for fleet operators.

"With employees returning from furlough, some of whom may not have driven for months, organisations have got to take a pragmatic approach by providing support and creating responsible cultures right through from individual drivers to senior management level. It's very much a two-way street."

Pinchen reminded businesses that legal compliance, health and safety and duty of care are all part of their responsibilities.

He added: "At any given moment, a business needs to be able to demonstrate that it has done everything reasonably possible to reduce risks.

"Even in the 'new norm' these laws remain unchanged and all organisations need to have a sharp focus on the task at hand as everyone starts to re-find their feet."