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Business drivers not properly informed about WLTP changes, survey shows

Date: 11 June 2020   |   Author: Illya Verpraet

A survey from research agency APD shows that overall satisfaction with business drivers has remained constant, but revealed issues with orders, SMR and WLTP changes.

The research used data from 54,027 individual business driver surveys across, looking at eight different issues: service and repair; delivery of the vehicle; orders; accident management, tyres; rental; breakdowns; and glass.

It showed that, at 84%, overall net promotor scores (NPS) - which measure customer loyalty - remained unchanged in 2019 compared to 2018. However, vehicle delivery delays caused by the EU mandating that cars' fuel economy be certified on the WLTP cycle did impact drivers' opinion of their leasing companies.

Customer satisfaction scores generally rose compared to the previous year, except for the order process, where it stayed constant. The research showed that there had been a general breakdown in in accurate communication of the implications of the WLTP changes and in many cases, this impacted cars that were already on order.

Paul Turner, executive chairman of APD Global said: "WLTP clearly had a major impact on vehicle leasing customer sentiment in 2019 and its introduction was something beyond the leasing companies controls. However, whilst this is true, some leasing companies approach to communicating the implications of the changes to customers and their drivers fell short of expectations."

NPS suffered slightly in five other areas: service and repair; delivery; accident; tyre; and rental. Drivers were very satisfied with the handling of breakdowns, which was up by four points to 49.

Outside of the order process, customer satisfaction was generally good. Turner commented: "It is accurate to say the leasing sector continues to perform highly yet there are, without doubt, areas which require attention having slipped across both customer feedback metrics for the past two years - namely service or repair; accident; and rental. These are areas, according to driver, that need to be addressed.

"The evidence is there for leasing companies to act upon,' said Paul. 'As the sector gears up and navigates its way through the complexities caused by the Coronavirus, it will be these seemingly small things which really start to shape the fortunes of vehicle providers."