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Corporate membership of Scottish car clubs increases 54%

Date: 23 March 2020   |   Author: Illya Verpraet

Scottish car clubs have seen a strong growth in membership in the last year, a report from ComoUK, the British shared mobility organisation, finds.

The major Scottish car clubs, from Co-wheels and Enterprise, counted 25,193 members in 2019, up from 19,872 the year before. 

This 27% increase is largely thanks to the increased uptake from businesses and public sector organisations, who use car clubs more and more to replace grey fleet. As such, the number of corporate members increased by 54% to 11,076.

Lorna Finlayson, ComoUK's Scotland director, said: "Scottish car clubs are playing a vital role in tackling some of the major transport problems the country is facing, primarily carbon emissions, congestion and poor air quality."

As part of its annual report for Scotland ComoUK also surveyed 1,499 individual car club users. They found that since joining a car club, 16% of respondents say they walk more, 10% say they cycle more and 26% have reduced their private car usage.

Last year, 15% or car club vehicles in Scotland were electric, 48% ran on petrol, 31% were full hybrids, and just 2% were plug-in hybrids. Only a further 2% ran on diesel, with another 2% running on hydrogen.

48% of the respondents said they had used an electric club car, with 84% saying they were quite satisfied or very satisfied with the experience.