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40% of fleet managers spend the majority of time doing administrative tasks

Date: 02 April 2020   |   Author: Illya Verpraet

Two fifths of fleet managers spend most of their time with general administration, research from Verizon Connect has found.

47% of them use software to assist them with these tasks, such as routing, scheduling, and compliance, while the others still do it manually. Verizon found that on average, these fleet managers spend two hours per week on this kind of admin, with 16% saying it takes them more than four hours.

For fleets between 101 to 250 vehicles, the average fleet manager spends 3.9 hours per week on manually managing routing and scheduling. Similarly, 54% keep track of incidents manually.

Some of fleet managers' top concerns are driver behaviour and fuel usage, yet just 49% use technology to monitor driver behaviour and 53% don't use technology to monitor fuel usage.

Derek Bryan, vice president EMEA, Verizon Connect, said: "We know time is critical for fleet managers and many are tasked with trying to juggle lots of different tasks at once. The introduction of a few simple technology tools can really make their life easier and help improve business efficiency.

"Technology provides an enormous opportunity to unlock the potential of fleet-based businesses, but it still seems many fleet managers simply aren't taking advantage. With just the tap of a few buttons, they can access data from across their business, and use this to both help improve performance of all their employees and monitor situations in near real-time."