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Brake pads and discs most common reason for fleet vehicle workshop visits, Epyx data shows

Date: 03 November 2020   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Brake pad and disc replacement is the most regular job performed by workshops on fleet vehicles, according to software firm Epyx.

It says data from its 1Link Service Network platform, which covers four million fleet vehicles, shows 16.2% of SMR jobs are discs and pads, making this by far the most common reason for a workshop visit.

From a list of the 20 most common tasks, the rest of the top five concern windscreen wiper blades (5.6%), the pollen filter (4.4%), the fuel filter (2.2%), and the battery (2%).

The data is covers invoice line items for SMR jobs between September 2019 and August 2020.

Epyx commercial director Debbie Fox said: "Simply because of the amount of data that is processed through 1link Service Network, this is probably the most authoritative table of its type available anywhere in the UK fleet market.

"In our view, it makes fascinating reading. Fundamentally, it shows the SMR tasks that UK fleets of all kinds deal with on a real world, day-to-day basis. They are not an indication of cost - that would be a much more complex subject - but they show why vehicles enter workshops, which has a definite value for fleet managers.

"For example, if you were running a major fleet and looked at this table, you could potentially conclude that encouraging drivers to adopt driving styles that produced less wear and tear on brakes and pads would be a worthwhile management objective, and look at ways to work towards this aim."

The full list is as follows:

Brake discs and pads: 16.3%

Windscreen wiper blades: 5.6%

Pollen filter: 4.4%

Fuel filter: 2.2%

Battery: 2.0%

Air filter: 1.9%

Tailgate wiper blades: 1.7%

Headlamp bulb: 1.7%

Key fob battery: 1.5%

Brake light bulb: 0.8%

Number plate bulb: 0.7%

Air conditioning recharge: 0.7%

Diesel particulate filter: 0.6%

Clutch assembly: 0.4%

Parking brake: 0.4%

Side bulb: 0.4%

Spark plugs: 0.4%

Headlamp alignment: 0.3%

Wheel alignment: 0.3%

Indicator bulb: 0.2%