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Only 25% of fleet managers 'extremely confident' in their electrification knowledge, Alphabet finds

Date: 10 December 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Only a quarter of fleet managers would describe themselves as 'extremely confident' in their knowledge of fleet electrification, according to new research by Alphabet GB.

However, the leasing company said this was a 19% increase since 2020, and a further 59% said their confidence in the subject was 'steadily building'.

Alphabet also found that despite growing understanding, many fleet decision makers still had concerns about acquiring electrified vehicles for their business, raising concerns such as cost (32%), charging infrastructure (22%), and driver reluctance (27%).

According to Alphabet, this is reflected in the fact that 52% of fleet decision makers have yet to make any updates to incorporate electrification into their company driver policies.

The picture is worse among smaller fleets, with 63% of those with fewer than 47 vehicles yet to make changes, while for fleets with more than 200 vehicles the figure is nearly two-in-five.

With Alphabet having seen a 248% increase in EV orders this year compared with 2020, and a 174% increase for plug-in hybrids, it has created an 'EV etiquette guide' to help fill in knowledge gaps.

Its advice includes making vehicle charging part of a regular routine, moving on promptly as soon as public charging is done, leaving a note if a public charger is occupied asking the other driver to plug your vehicle in when finished, ensuring the charger's output matches your vehicle's needs, properly replacing the charger connector and cord after use, and remaining polite if an ICE vehicle is blocking the charger.

Alphabet GB head of product David Rose said: "It's been great to see the demand for electrified vehicles increase at such a rapid pace this last year and demonstrates a change in mind set taking place in both the industry and with consumers.

"This research however shows there's still work to do in the industry to support fleet managers in moving their electrification strategies forwards and overcoming potential barriers, such as driver reluctance, which more than a quarter of decision makers highlighted as a concern. 

"It is crucial that the correct guidance and advise is therefore provided for drivers, so they feel part of the journey throughout the transition. Helping drivers understand the basics of charging etiquette can be a great starting point for them to feel more comfortable about changing ICE habits and embracing electric, so more and more businesses can take advantage of the technology."