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AFP publishes mythbusting EV guide

Date: 23 February 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

A new guide has been published by the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP), which it says aims to dispel myths around EVs.

The document, available to members from the AFP's website, tackles questions on topics such as paying for charge points, finding charging locations during journeys, congestion and ULEZ charging, EV safety, and energy grid capacity.

AFP chair Paul Hollick said that with EVs being introduced now in many organisations, fleet managers were finding that potential drivers had a lot of questions about them - some simple to answer, others needing more thought.

He said: "The new guide is designed for drivers and fleet managers who find themselves in this position. We've gathered information from across the AFP about the most common questions that are being asked and our EV committee has produced concise but informative responses that should satisfy most drivers.

"As with any emerging technology moving into the mainstream, there are many misconceptions around EVs and part of the process of electrifying any fleet will be helping drivers to understand how these vehicles work and the kinds of differences that exist when compared to the petrol and diesel cars that they have been using for years."