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Drivers ready to go electric, survey finds

Date: 09 February 2021   |   Author: Sam Phillips

A survey has revealed that more UK drivers are ready to go electric after a study revealed 50% of respondents said that their opinion towards electric driving has improved. 

In a recent survey LeasePlan together with global research firm Ipsos discovered that 58% of UK respondents said they have a positive view of zero-emission electric driving. 

The survey also highlighted the reasons behind drivers considering a switch to an electric car with lower running costs topping the reasons to buy or lease an electric car (54%). 

Being environmentally friendly remains a factor for a third of respondents (34%) and government subsidies and tax benefits are key for one in five (22%). 

Drivers concerns about the barriers to EV use have also decreased with 40% (down from 64% last year) of respondents citing inadequate charging facilities and 38% (down from 62% last year) mentioning limited driving range as reasons not to buy or lease an EV. 

Despite the reduction in concerns regarding barriers, many respondents (55%) looking to buy a car highlighted that purchase price was the main reason why they would not buy an electric car. 

Alfonso Martinez, Managing Director of LeasePlan UK, said: "We're invigorated by the willingness of drivers to adopt a greener outlook and make the move to electric, yet we're frustrated that most of the barriers that were there last year remain. 

Martinez added: "Now we need to see movement. Leaders need to step up and respond to public demand by investing in a universal, affordable, and sustainable charging infrastructure, with clear and attainable support for manufacturers in a post-Brexit world. 

"Simply put, the solutions already exist - what we need to see now is action."