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Nearly half of drivers planning EV switch, survey finds

Date: 07 June 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

A survey by Lloyds Banking Group has found 49% of UK motorists see themselves driving an EV in the next decade.

The survey also found 32% of drivers think the sustainability of transport is a higher priority now than before the Covid-19 pandemic, and that 30% plan to make their next car either a pure EV or a hybrid.

In addition, 10% of drivers now plan to switch to a more environmentally-friendly commute, such as an EV, cycling or walking.

The survey also found that range anxiety over EVs appeared to be abating, with 64% not concerned about charger availability.

Richard Jones, managing director of Lex Autolease and Black Horse for Lloyds Banking Group, said: "Drivers' attitudes towards electric vehicle ownership are changing and the positive sustainability and running cost benefits are clearly cutting through. This trend is set to continue as society establishes new norms after more than a year of upheaval.

"Working from home two or three days a week will also reduce the number of miles on the road, meaning that a traditionally fuelled petrol or diesel car might no longer be the most appropriate option for more and more drivers."